The Science of Business Astrology

All Companies face some or the other problem at the various growth stages right from inception, establishing the business, sustaining the business and making it profitable. Creating a brand name and identity that people can relate to take years. Our solution will give you direction to create the brand keeping in mind your company values and that the name your customers should relate to.

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A lot of times the success or failure of a business is defined by the stars and planetary positions from your horoscope. We will analyze and tell you the streams of business suitable if at all

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Brand Aesthetics

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Brand Aesthetics have always been integral part of any brand as that is the visual the customer relates to. We will help you identify the right logo, color, font and style in which the logo and tag line should be created. We can also help in re-defining the existing logos too

How to get maximum PROFITS from your business

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The success of a business is primarily defined by its profitability. We can help you with tools, strategies and methods through scientific ways to help you get profits